Introduction to ManageMagazine and an Invitation to a Co-Creative Partnership

ManageMagazine is a global online platform dedicated to leadership and management. We offer actionable knowledge, advice, and education from expert authors like Henry Mintzberg, Otto Scharmer, and more.

Our co-creative partnerships provide content marketing, branding, and social media reach for your organization. We value integrity and collaboration, working towards shared goals of prosperity, outstanding leadership, and well-being.

Partnering with us strengthens your expert authority and expands your reach. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of a co-creative partnership.

Contact Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard at [email protected] to continue the conversation.

What problems does a Co-Creative Partnership solve for me?

You want to help, educate, and engage your preferred customers, and we are here to support your efforts.

Together we decide upon a dynamic plan for our co-creative partnership activities – a plan that is tailor-made to suit your business. ManageMagazine does not have preferred readers – so let’s aim to engage yours!

Here is a list of some central benefits for your organization based on a co-creative partnership:



















What kind of educational content can we share at ManageMagazine?

The kind of content that creates the most value for you. It can take on the form of articles, videos, webinars, reports, and interviews…our joint imagination sets the limits.

Together we search for the best solutions for you and your brand.

Are there any limitation as to how many publications we can make?

As our collaboration is serving to create good business while educating and empowering decision makers in creating healthy organizations and exceptional work environments etc. – we see no reason to put a limit on a good thing. Now, of course, everything is within reason, yet as long as value is provided – it only makes sense to keep up the good energy.

This is, moreover, the reason why an annual co-creative partnership fee is preferable to individual charges for services; once co-creative partners, we are free to focus on the creative processes without discussing further financial matters of our collaboration.

Can we invite a partner or client to publish in ManageMagazine - based on our collaboration?

Yes, of course. This is an obvious way for you to engage the partnership to provide value for a good customer. You may invite a customer to talk about a particular leadership or management challenge, interview them yourselves or have us interview them – just to mention a few opportunities.

Is advertising - in addition to educational/content marketing - part of the co-creative partnership?

No. ManageMagazine has chosen to display no advertisements, thus far.

However, if your services are available online, in English, and – more importantly – relevant to readers then advertising is a possibility we are open to discuss. It is not a part of the co-creative partnership.

For instance, if you offer online professional courses for leaders and managers in English – or if you offer online business coaching sessions – then your services are of obvious value to our target group of leaders, managers, and business owners.

Contact us to discuss the possibility of advertising. There are different ways of advertising such as putting in an ad in an existing popular article with an ongoing large readership – relevant to the services you provide.

Contact [email protected]

Does ManageMagazine offer to write content for co-creative partners - and do you provide editing services?

Content Production

Yes. Each year of the co-creative partnership, we are happy to write four articles for you. Our Editor-chief, Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Ph.D., will write these articles herself to ensure high-quality content. In case, for instance, your business provides online coaching courses, then you may request articles to be about the topic of coaching.

If you also purchase an advertisement package, then inline advertising banners can be placed in these articles to attract the interest of readers to your services.

When that is said – we do encourage you to engage your own organization’s experts to write articles or produce content for educational marketing purposes. This way you are the author of the expert content provided, which is part of establishing your brand as an authority expert in your preferred markets.

For instance, a well-written article by a course teacher can be an effective way of attracting interest to a course by both familiarizing the reader with the specific readers and by illustrating his or her expertise ie. ‘show-don’t-tell’.

Editing services

Yes, of course – you can count on our editing services. All content published is approved by the editing team.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To ensure that you reach a large readership, we are happy to guide you with SEO advice for your content. The amount of content on the internet is daunting and it can be a challenge to stand out and get the attention of people searching for knowledge. To ensure this attention, we use software for keyword searches.

In all modesty, our geeky efforts with SEO are paying off in terms of Google ranking and organic traffic (traffic directly from Google searches etc). While it is difficult to compete with large established institutions on the ranking of search terms such as leadership or management, we use what is called ‘long-tail keywords’ to ensure respectable rankings.

‘Long-tail keywords’ means a string of words made up of at least two words. If you, for example, google the following two words – ‘Responsible Leadership’ – then you will find the ManageMagazine article What is Responsible Leadership in the top results below the ads.

How large a readership and reach has ManageMagazine - and what are the Demographics?

Homepage Readership

So far ManageMagazine has about 90.000 page views and is seen by readers interested in all things leadership and management.

Additional Reach

In addition to the ManageMagazine readership, we also tune into the 2 million annual readership of our co-creative partner BIZCATALYST 360°. Due to this great partnership, we have the extraordinary opportunity of publishing all articles – should we wish to do so – at both ManageMagazine and BIZCATALYST 360°, which was awarded the 2020 Standard of Excellence Award by the Web Marketing Association.

It is also to be noted that we reach professionals outside our direct following through, for example, our co-creative partnership with founder Ingo Rauth and School of Becoming. With School of Becoming we have offered about 40 free live classes during on the topics of motivation, inclusion, and mindfulness.

Social Media Reach

We are present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, yet Facebook and LinkedIn are our major social media channels for traffic.

We reach, for example, between 40,000-60,000 people a month on Facebook. 38% of our referral traffic comes from Facebook. The chart below shows the numbers for October-November 2020 with a minor investment as shown.

Facebook Summary for ManageMagazine

18% of MangeMagazine’s referral traffic is from LinkedIn. The engagement of content shared at LinkedIn varies and is hugely dependent also on the engagement of the authors. We just published an article here in November 2020 about Mindfulness & Meditation and it has a 17% engagement with 56+ comments. Again, the engagement often depends on the authors and in this case the author’s regular readers and their interaction with content.

Note also, that when publishing articles at BizCatalyst360, we also benefit from their massive social media reach. They have, for instance, 31 owned groups on LinkedIn where they reach more than 130,000 professionals.

Target Group

In short, our target group is decision makers. This includes leaders, managers, and business owners in general. While our content aims to serve these professionals, it also attracts the attention of scholars and students across the globe.

The Demographics

In these modern times of technology, we can regulate the geography of our readership. During the last year – from November 2019 to November 2020 – 30% of our readers are from the United States, 12% from India, 7% from the UK, and then the Philippines, Australia, and Canada.

The relatively high number of readers from India is due to an experiment we have made in 2020 about regulating readership geography.


55% of readers are female and 45% are male readers.


75% of readers are between 18-44 years old – 18% are between 45-64 years old and the remaining readers are 65+.

What is the cost of a Co-Creative Partnership?

The annual co-creative partnership fee is 89,000 Danish Kroner. This is the approximate equivalent of $14,270, €12,080, or £10,930

There are no extra costs involved other than the co-creative partnership fee.

While we hope for you to be a lifetime partner, the co-creative partnership fee is paid annually and covers full partnership benefits for a full year.

Show me the ManageMagazine Advisory Board Please


Who are the main people at the ManageMagazine Team, whom I may expect to interact with?



Go to this page to read about the ManageMagazine Team

Why are some Co-Creative Partners interested in buying a Social Media Marketing Package?

The reason why it can be a huge benefit for you to include a social media package to your partnership is the difference between paid marketing and earned marketing.

Simply speaking, paid marketing is the promotion of one self – earned marketing is the promotion and endorsement of your brand by someone else. The first enduces little trust and credibility, the second creates a huge trust around your brand.

A social media package involves social media promotional marketing through ManageMagazine. In simple terms – in addition to the co-creative partnership plan you spend some of your social media budget at ManageMagazine so we, rather than you, promote your brand on for example Facebook or LinkedIn.

Let’s say you expect to use $1200 a month on social media activities. In light of the above example – your brand value will increase through a marketing package where you let ManageMagazine use part of the budget to promote your brand. This way the sender is no longer you, but instead a respected outlet offering your content.

Through a transparent process with transcripts from the social media outlets of your interest – we offer you the opportunity of investing in content marketing through ManageMagazine.

What would that look like in practice?

In practice we can help you with:

  • a content marketing plan where you wish for ManageMagazine to promote your ManageMagazine article (linking to your page) at Facebook for $600. Together we outline the process and give you the Facebook transcripts and analytics for the promotions made.
  • a marketing plan where you want to promote your free webinars at LinkedIn and Facebook to ensure more participants
  • your educational tool kit promotions across social media to ensure a greater engagement and specifically target your preferred customers.
  • any other model that suits your content marketing plan and more

Note from Founder Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, PhD – Why ManageMagazine?

ManageMagazine Co-Creative-Partnership-ExplainedThe world faces a huge need for high-quality knowledge distribution for expertise to make a positive real-life impact on people and the planet. Today, we have the answers to most problems in organizations – yet the answers are often hidden away in research databases.

The fantastic thing about content/educational marketing is that it is about sharing your best and most valuable knowledge with others. End-users get the best of your knowledge and this is likely to make them come to you when they need an expert within the area of your services.

By sharing knowledge – across sectors, industries, and professions – our mutual efforts create an entirely new and extraordinary palette of opportunities.

This is important, recognizing that knowledge and education have the highest positive impact (as a multiplication factor) for reaching all of the UN’s Sustainability Goals.

A co-creative partnership is an invitation to combine the opportunity of growing your organization while creating a positive impact for millions of people.

Let’s be a force for good.

Write to Vibeke to continue the conversation about what serves you best:

[email protected]

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at ManageMagazine