Back from Burnout

Authored by Rob Coulston* Nine months ago the world around me crashed and burned. I had been running on empty for over 2 years compensating...

How Remote Working can Increase Stress and Reduce Well-Being

ShutterstockStephanie Russell, Anglia Ruskin UniversityRemote working is becoming more popular than ever. A study released by the Swiss office provider IWG found that 70%...
Heads Up Guys - Men, Stress, and Mindfulness at work

Heads Up Guys – Men, Stress, and Mindfulness at Work

Authored by Dr. Clarissa HughesToday there is a significant conversation about stress and especially about stress at work concerning women. The number of people...
How I managed to free myself from stress

How I Managed to Free Myself from Stress

Years ago my mind and my body were full of stress. I was running a large business-critical programme and I was petrified of failing.I...