Be a Co-Creative Partner of ManageMagazine

Be a Co-Creative Partner of ManageMagazine

Join ManageMagazine in a Co-Creative Partnership

There are many great reasons for partnering with ManageMagazine. We believe that the greatest reason to engage in a co-creative partnership is for both you and us to work together on the creation of prosperous innovative work environments where people go to work and come home feeling inspired.

Why CO-CREATIVE Partnerships?

In everything we do, we are looking to create value. This is also the case with regard to partnerships. We typically explore partnership synergies when there is an overlap in audience. In other words, when our readers are your target audience for a business purpose.

Our readers are owners, leaders, managers, and scholars. We expect that – for perhaps different reasons – we have a mutual interest in creating value for our readers. If you, for instance, have valuable knowledge and expertise you want to share – we can help you share it through different types of media such as articles, videos, or podcasts etc.

We hope to collaborate with you to create value in any possible way; this includes also social media, PR, and networking etc.

A Co-Creative Partnership opens an ocean of possibilities and can have a multitude of features; some are:

  • Display of brand on our dedicated Partnership Page
  • Display of brand in our newsmails the MM POST
  • BlogTalk articles, video or podcasts and more
  • Expert articles
  • Networking at Partnership Events
  • Social media announcements and collaboration
  • PR collaboration
  • Tell us your ideas; we are ready to co-create value

Let me know what creates value for you and your employees, clients or customers and let us discuss how we may be able to assist you in reaching your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact me so we can talk about the possibilities in front of us.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Be a Sponsor of ManageMagazineWrite to me at [email protected]

or call me at:

0045 5059 5013 (Denmark is the location)