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The Advisory Board of ManageMagazine

Introducing the Advisory Board of ManageMagazine

The Advisory Board of ManageMagazine

Dear readers of ManageMagazine (MM), thank you for becoming part of this great initiative. My name is Tyrone Pitsis. I am a Professor of Strategy at Durham University Business School and a Doctoral Researcher at Cambridge University. I am a  Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. My major interests are Strategy, Creativity and Design Thinking. I love art, and especially dance and I cannot imagine life without music and the sea.





The Advisory Board of ManageMagazine

Dear readers of ManageMagazine. I am Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM: the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management. Through IACCM, I work across corporate, public and academic platforms to support awareness and understanding of the role that procurement, contracting, and relationship management increasingly play in 21st-century business performance and public policy. I started IACCM in 1999 and today we are 38.554 individual members and 15.807 corporations across 164 countries. Moreover, I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and I have an interest in history, politics, and drama.


The Advisory Board of ManageMagazineMy name is Stewart Clegg. I am a Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and Chair of Centre for Management and Organization Studies. I am a Fellow of a number of respected academic bodies, including the Academy of Management, the Australian Academy of Social Science, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management the British Academy of The Social Sciences, and the Aston Society of Fellows. Moreover, I am a Visiting Professor at Nova School of Economics and Business Lisbon, Portugal, and a Strategic Research Adviser at Newcastle University Business School, UK. My main interest in all my studies is Power Relations. I love jazz and many other kinds of music.


The Advisory Board of ManageMagazine

Hello, Readers of ManageMagazine. I’m James Hardy and I am Director of CCS Media, where I hold the board-level responsibility for Vendor Alliances, Marketing, and Technology Revenue. I work with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, strategically developing and delivering marketing-led organizational technology (Cloud, Software, Networking, and Hardware) revenue through alliance programs. I also sit on the advisory board for AIMTech (Adoption of Information Management Technology).

After completing my MBA at the University of Leeds I am currently a Doctoral Researcher, developing my interests in Leadership Approach, Co-creation of Value, and Positive Governance. I love music, literature, and travel, most importantly I find people and places endlessly fascinating.


The Advisory Board of ManageMagazineDear Readers of ManageMagazine. I am Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, Founder, and CEO of ManageMagazine. I hold a Ph.D. in Organization Studies and Innovation Management from Copenhagen Business School and a prior Honorary Research Associate at The University of Technology, Sydney for six years. ManageMagazine aligns in many ways my sense of purpose with my personality and allows me to explore creativity with the aim of healthy and prosperous work environments for all of us.

Discussions and boundary-free debates that move things belong to my favorite activities. If these take place over a nice dinner then even better. The world of gastronomy has always fascinated me and as an adult also the nuances of fine wines. I appreciate music across almost all genres and enjoy reading and writing fiction when I find the time. You can read more at my personal website VibekeBaunsgaard.com.

The board represents top leaders in bridging academia and practice

The Advisory Board of ManageMagazine consists of a group of distinguished professionals selected to represent leaders in bridging academia and practice. What unites us all is a keen interest in understanding and optimizing organizational practices.