About ManageMagazine

About ManageMagazine


My name is Dr. Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard and I am the founder of ManageMagazine. As a researcher, an organizational practitioner and entrepreneur, I am passionate about integrating knowledge from the worlds of research and practice – I believe that knowledge from both worlds should be readily available to all who are prepared to learn from it.

About ManageMagazine…

ManageMagazine is a global dynamic online magazine about Leadership and Management.About ManageMagazine

I have built the ManageMagazine community to share actionable expert knowledge, advice, and education and to connect members across industries, sectors, and professions. We publish about How to manage and lead successful organizations – whether it concerns ‘self’, relations or organizations – whether the setting is a private business, a public organization or other.

Throughout my 25 years of working with the concept of Social Relations, whether as a sociologist, a doctor of Organization Studies and Innovation Management, or a practitioner – I have encountered much valuable research and expertise from organizational practitioners.

The journey has however taught me that valuable knowledge can be hard to come by as it floats in a vast blurry ocean of available knowledge. ManageMagazine is, therefore, determined to create, funnel, filter and distil knowledge that can make a difference to the success of your work life, your business, and your organization. In fact – we let the experts themselves share it with you – with no interruption or disturbance from any intermediate writer.

Why do we need ManageMagazine?

I find the motivation and drive for ManageMagazine in the need for creating healthy organizations. Some of you may ask: well, is the goal not to create prosperous organizations in order to assure that we have an organization, to begin with? The thing is that the two of them are interconnected and ‘go’ together. This is why experts today talk about organizational health as the greatest competitive advantage of organizations.

We know that up to 87% of people in organizations are disengaged and somewhat unhappy in their work situation; some even hate their job. Research also shows that this dissatisfaction is often due to bad leadership and management. What are we going to do about that? Clearly, these numbers are devastating to both social welfare and organizations.

I believe that together we can change this and turn organizations into prosperous great places where we can meet up with fellow colleagues, leaders, and managers every day of the year to have fulfilling work lives.

Paramount to initiate the needed changes are first and foremost to encourage and have courage for an open mind. Again and again, I see how organizations find it extremely difficult to let go of dominant thoughts and traditions.

Once equipped with open minds, then knowledge and new ways of doing things can take root in organizations. We are then paving the road for the healthy work environments we need; environments where creativity can be explored and work can be executed without causing disengagement in the relation between organizational members and their organization.

I know you are busy, so when you find the time slots and are prepared to explore new ways, be inspired, take on advice or educate yourself – I want to give you the valuable knowledge you need. Part of our quest at ManageMagazine is to make research findings and expert knowledge available to you in a fairly fast easy read and in a format where you can take it to the level of implementation. Up until now, some obstacles are hindering this path of knowledge sharing. Let’s look at a few of them.

Accessing and reading research results iS too difficult, hence its value remains unearthed

First of all, the amount of information ‘out there’ is daunting. Second, as concerns research, it is difficult to read – full of unfamiliar expressions, theoretical complexities and so forth. And third, this makes it enormously time-consuming to read, time which most of us don’t have.

If the price is not important to you, research can be bought online from publishing houses from about 25-90 US dollars per article. Online research is in other words pricey, which probably deters people from obtaining and gaining value from it. Many of us will moreover find this rather expensive in light of no guarantees that it will be useful at all.

Research available online is pricey, which deters people from obtaining and gaining value from it

Let’s be frank – accessing and reading research results are too difficult, too time-consuming and too pricey, hence its value remains unearthed.

We might also ask ourselves the question: why do we have to buy research from large publishing houses, research which is paid for entirely by our governments, businesses or through other sources of funding. The publishing houses get it for free – to then sell it back to us the citizens, either online or through very costly library licenses. This is a matter that calls for further political scrutiny and attention.

The ManageMagazine Community

The ManageMagazine Community is created for you and a great place to be if you are interested in Leadership & Management – whether you are an academic and/or an organizational practitioner: an employee, a leader, a manager, an entrepreneur or a business owner.

We hope to inspire a community that connects people for knowledge sharing, future collaborations, and co-creation.

ManageMagazine takes pride in offering you actionable knowledge, advice, and education, which will facilitate and increase your levels of success.

As a member of the ManageMagazine community, you are part of our network of professionals, who share your interests, and with whom you can initiate collaborations. Find inspiration in the articles that are specifically relevant to your work.

Our community will add value to your professional work life from day one – it is up to you how much value you want to receive: You can ask for feedback on any comments or questions you have from the experts themselves. We are all here to help you. Moreover, tell us what you would like to read about and we’ll find an expert to share his/her knowledge.

Join us and be part of the MM Journey for excellent Leadership & Management today.

The Vision of ManageMagazine

To create and facilitate healthy and inspiring organizations of tomorrow

This is good for people, organizations, and society at large.

The Mission of ManageMagazine

To inspire, guide and empower leaders and managers – Through knowledge sharing – to live out their highest, truest and fullest expression of themselves

HOW: We will achieve this by consistently providing leaders and managers, top quality knowledge, advice and education and by striving to be the globally preferred community for organizations to connect for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Let’s join forces and develop a community where we share our knowledge and help each other in our endeavors to be happy individuals in healthy and prosperous organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to express our gratitude to those who use time and take steps to ensure the well-being of the planet. Therefore we include this badge so show our support for enviromentally stustainable packing material.