The ManageMagazine Team

The ManageMagazine Team

We, the ManageMagazine team, work every day because we love what we do. We aim to guide and inspire you to manage successfully, whether it concerns self-development, relations or organizations – and we have fun doing it. We are presently a small group of individuals driven to make a difference.

We are organizational experts, academics, writers, and students hoping to change the world through you.

We welcome your ideas and revel in the fun we have meeting the challenges and tasks at hand. We value an informal tone, and we believe that by connecting and sharing, we get the best results. We laugh a lot and we are often amazed and extremely appreciative of the warm reception and feedback we get from newfound colleagues from all sectors.

Meet the ManageMagazine Team

Editor Margot Gordon, Part of the ManageMagazine Team

HI, I’m Margot Gordon, the Editor of ManageMagazine.

I live in Canada north of Toronto where I love being outdoors hiking, cycling, canoeing, windsurfing, SUPing, skiing and snowboarding. Vibeke and I have been friends for 25 years. We have shared many unforgettable adventures, from canoe tripping in the Ontario wilderness to traipsing through the Royal Palace in Copenhagen.

My educational background is an honors degree in English and Anthropology from York University, in Canada. Once out of school, I worked as a desktop publisher and an office manager at Tony Gordon Ltd., my family’s busy Toronto service bureau.  Our clients included some of Canada’s largest publishing houses. When I moved up north I began a profession which brings me great joy: teaching children and inspiring in them a love of learning and a curiosity as great as my own. Those of you who have submitted articles to us here at ManageMagazine already know me; I am in charge of the entire editing process relating to article submissions.  I look forward to working with you.


maria_goltermann Part of the ManageMagazine Team

Hello All. I’m Maria Sophie Goltermann.
I’m currently a student at Aarhus University. I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management Communication. I love travelling and for that reason have studied in several countries in different parts of the world, such as the US, Portugal and Singapore. I have a great passion for media communication and PR, and being a part of a media house has always been my dream. I started my master’s degree in the summer of 2016 and hope to specialize further in the field of media related subjects i.e. social media, PR and journalism etc.




20141026_140603_richtonehdr-1Hello. My name is Emilie Hørup Nielsen. I’m a cartoonist at ManageMagazine. I’ve enjoyed the creative milieu at the Waldorf School in Odense for the last twelve years and graduated in the Summer of 2016. I have a passion for art and beauty in the world. Drawing and painting have thus been a passion of mine since I was a child. In particular I like drawing people. I like to travel and love the way it provides me inspiration for my drawings. My greatest dream is to spend my working life as an illustrator and an artist, especially in the area of comic art.




Merete LindstrømMerete Lindstrøm, Journalist.
My interest in ManageMagazine is based on three aspects. A solid work experience in the private sektor of sales and marketing. Management experience within the travel industry, and in a political organisation. And last but not least, studies in organization and management including situational management and sales-oriented management. In my work I have come across several points of interest. What does good management mean for a workplace and employee motivation, and which theories can be used to create the optimum ratio to achive company strategies and goals? As a journalist I am motivated to convey that knowledge widely and easily accessible to leaders around the world.

My access to journalism and dessimination is based on news media experience. In news it is important to find the right angel, make it precise and to the point with only few lines or tv minutes available, so the reader or viewer does not get confused. At ManageMagazin, it is about communicating heavy academic knowledge in a language that will maintain the readers interest and transform the research into relevant useful tools and theories. Futhermore it is important that valuable knowledge does not get lost in the proces. That is my prerogative in ManageMagazine.


LouiseSparreAndreasenHi everyone. My name is Louise Sparre Andreasen and I’m working as Marketing Assistant Trainee at ManageMagazine.

I have a master’s degree in Digital Design from Aarhus University, and a background as web-integrator. I have a great interest in everything digital – at ManageMagazine I use this interest when I work with marketing, social media, graphic and web design. It says a lot, that it is through a social media I got to know Vibeke and ManageMagazine.
In my spare time, I also have a great interest in digital things; I especially like going to the cinema – some times you get a special experience on the big white screen.



Hi my name is Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard. I am the Founder and CEO of ManageMagazine. I am thrilled to be able to work  diligently to help change organizations, work lives,  and personal lives for the better.

I am driven and committed to sharing the abundance of invaluable research and knowledge that sits unused and often inaccessible in expensive journals, research data bases and in the minds of successful organizational practitioners. I look forward to providing you with fascinating articles, videos, podcasts and so much more. I hope it all will make an impact on the successes, which you and your organization are to experience.

I have a degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD in Organization Studies and Innovation Management from Copenhagen Business School. I am presently an Honorary Research Associate at The University of Technology Sydney. I enjoy discussions that move ‘things’ and idea development with open-minded people. I also enjoy theory development, studying organisational practice, nice dinners in great company – skiing, reading, writing, and listening to music of almost all genres.

The encouragement i have received from people who share my sense of purpose is absolutely heartwarming

This is our team at ManageMagazine. We work to attain healthy workplaces where employees feel valued, and where leadership drives engagement.