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Sex and Leadership

Sex and Leadership
Authored by Andre van Heerden “…AND YOU SHALL SEE IN HIMTHE TRIPLE PILLAR OF THE WORLD TRANSFORMEDINTO A STRUMPET’S FOOL” –Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Act 1,...

Vision-Based Planning: Tools & Techniques for Workshops

Vision-Based Planning: Tools & Techniques
Authored by Christine MacNultyThe future is about potential and possibility, not a regurgitation of the past (see the 11-Step Vision-Based Planning Part 2). This is...

Beyond Mindfulness and Work/Life Balance

Beyond mindfulness-work-life-balance
Authored by Jeanine Joy, Ph.D. The Road to Mindfulness and Beyond My parents taught me to work hard for what I wanted. I took the advice...

Turning A Blind Eye – Avoidance Coping At Work

Authored by Dr. Lehan StemmetThere is no doubt anymore that the psychological and physical impact of stress leads to adverse consequences for individual health...

What is Your Leadership Focus?

What is your Leadership Focus
Authored by Len Bernat I was lucky to spend 20 successful years in the United States Marine Corps. I began my career as private/recruit at...

Integrity and Leadership

Integrity and Leadership
Authored by Andre van Heerden In the early 13th century, France, Paris and the lands under the direct rule of the king were in a bad...