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Eight Reasons why Comedians make Good Leaders

Authored by Kathleen Cronie, University of AberdeenIf you were browsing Netflix’s comedy section recently, you might have noticed the Ukrainian sitcom, Servant of the People....

Explainer: What is Emotional Intelligence and Why do You Need it?

Authored by Suzanne Ross, Nottingham Trent UniversityBritish politician, Andrew Mitchell is clearly a highly intelligent man. He’s well-educated, good at his job and was once...

Four Ways your Name can Affect your Job Prospects

Four ways your name can affect your job prospects
Ricardo Twumasi, University of ManchesterWhat’s in a name? A lot, according to research. Your name can have a huge influence on your prospects in...

Why Teach Ethnography to Managers (in the Big Data Era)?

Why Teach Ethnography to Managers Big Data Era Leadership
Joonas Rokka, EM Lyon and Lionel Sitz, EM LyonIn management circles and beyond, companies are rushing to integrate, adapt and exploit big data in...