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Kim Buch-Madsen has comprehensive experience in the fields of innovation, management, and business strategy. Kim is a partner in a digital content start-up and accredited censor by the Danish Ministry of Education. He is the author and co-author of several books including the brand new “Marketing Models” and the upcoming "Modern Business Strategy". He holds a bachelor degree in business analysis and a Master of Science degree in strategy, management, and marketing.

The Benefits of the Western Welfare State Model is an Illusion

The Western Welfare State Model is an Illusion, says Danish Writer and Journalist Nick Allentoft* in this Interview Western societies, especially in Europe, are known...

Why Failure Teaches Success

Why failure teaches success
Why Failure Teaches Success despite our Overwhelming Focus on Successes For the past decade or two positive language has become the norm and ‘problems’ have...

8 Complexity Management Strategies that will Help you Cope

Complexity Management
Complexity Management Strategies “What the hell is going on?” Does this question intrude upon your thoughts every now and then? Relax, you’re not alone. In...