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Charlotte Hauerslev (Denmark) has more than 25 years of experience of working with boundary spanning leadership, development, and communication in public and private companies. Currently, she is Senior Project Manager in the partnership Organization, Gate 21, which conducts green transition and growth in Greater Copenhagen through co-creation projects with municipalities, private partners and universities. Charlotte Hauerslev holds a Master of Public Governance from Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen. She received the Master of Public Governance Award 2018 for her dissertation: 'Making Sense of the Value Creation in Co-creation Projects'. This article is based on the results of this dissertation (see the list of references for a link to her dissertation at full length in Danish).

How to use Co-Creation as a Strategy for Value Creation

How to use co-creation as a strategy for value creation
Co-creation is gaining ground as a management paradigm in public and private organizations. The cooperation approach is considered as a way to find answers...