MM Academy

MM Academy
In the MM Academy we have educational knowledge. This may be for your own or your colleagues' learning process. We also look forward to soon invite you to expert webinars on specific topics such as strategy, leadership, innovation and much more.
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Leadership Development: An Outcome-Oriented Review Based on Time and Levels of Analysis (VIDEO)

We are delighted to introduce to you a video series by David Day, University of Western Australia and Lisa Dragoni, Wake Forest University, North...
Innovation Management

Innovation Management by use of Analytics

In a fast moving global economy, the ability to manage innovation better, faster and more profitably than competitors, is indispensable. An important step in...

How to Manage Emotions in Organizations

How we manage emotions is important for how we engage with the world around us. This is the case in both our social and professional life....
The Future of Strategic Management

The Futures of Strategic Management

All ideas, all practices, have roots that flourish in a particular ecology, a particular intellectual and practical terroir. Strategy is no different.Strategy and strategic...
Power and Rationality

Understanding Power and Rationality

Power Has a Rationality that Rationality Does Not Know "A person who neglects what is actually done for what should be done learns the way to...