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Jonathan Pritchard is a mentalist turned speaker, coach, and the author of "[think] Like A Mind Reader." Businesses like State Farm Insurance recognize him as the world-class expert in his field and they book him to help engage their audiences and share his insights into human behavior, success, psychology, motivation, & communication. For the past decade he’s appeared on TV & toured the world as a mind reader, which gives him unique insight into why people do what they do, and how to leverage that understanding to help others improve their lives and businesses. His passion for connecting with audiences means people are drawn to his dynamic presenting style, and he always leaves them amazed with demonstrations of mind-to-mind communication. When not on the road speaking you can find him in Chicago practicing kung fu every morning.

Influence in Life and Business: Words from a Mentalist

Influence in life and business: Words from a mentalist
Secrets from a professional mind reader about influence in life and business INTRODUCTION Whether you’re a business owner, a manager, or salesperson there’s a single skill...