Dear ManageMagazine Readers

This week ManageMagazine is celebrating its first anniversary.

It’s a great feeling having brought leadership and management knowledge to you for 52 weeks.

Thousands of readers have read our expert articles and taken home tips, tools, and guidelines about great leadership and management practices. All with the purpose and intention of incorporating the acquired knowledge into own organizations and personal daily practices, with positive real-life effects to follow.

Connecting research/expertise with the practice of leadership and management is what we are here for.

Making Expertise Broadly Available Without it Getting Lost in Translation

Making expert knowledge accessible to all people is a challenge therein we use different types of languages based on prior education, functions, or professional doings in general.

Let’s be honest, we academics are a living illustration of this difficulty. We write at length while generously pouring jargon and terminology –  related specifically to our type of profession – all over the pages.

There is, in other words, a dilemma in making expert knowledge accessible. So how do we solve this dilemma?

On the one hand, if we invite a third writer such as a journalist to be the ‘carrier’ of knowledge from expert to practitioner, we run the risk that knowledge is slightly misunderstood and meaning is then ‘lost in translation’.

On the other hand, by letting the individual expert translate knowledge into a non-academic reader-friendly text or audio we run the risk – if this is not achieved – of distributing knowledge that is not understood, hence it has no impact.

In light of the above, it is therefore critical that we attend to this translation process and avoid knowledge being lost in translation. While both involve risk, we hold on to our faith in knowledge being best conveyed by the author him/herself.

While our authors so far are doing a fantastic job, we are continually working to improve our editing services and feedback to authors. This is important for giving you, the reader, the best possible reading experience. It is moreover important to increase your takeaways in terms of actionable knowledge, tips, tools, and guidelines for future implementation.

Happy Anniversary ManageMagazine

From Academia to Entrepreneur: The Rollercoaster

It has been an interesting year. Truthfully, it has been an absolutely crazy year and a rollercoaster ride with joys and challenges. This is, from what I hear and read, the textbook example of what it is like to start a business as an entrepreneur.

Have I made mistakes? Plenty enough for Mr. Frank Sinatra to change the lyrics from…”I’ve made some mistakes, too few to mention” – to: “too many to mention”.

I am thankful for each and every one of them; thankful for having learned so incredibly much about business development and enjoyed networking with hundreds of you incredible people. Your passion is an inspiration.

To you passionate people, whom I have not yet acquainted, please contact me anytime if you have an interest in writing for ManageMagazine, partnering with us or in any other way have an interest in collaborating with us. I am always open to hear ideas and share experiences.

What do we have ‘Up the Sleeve’ at ManageMagazine?

What can you expect from ManageMagazine in the future?

There are many things on the drawing board; here are three things, which might interest you:

  1. The 2018 MM Speakers with Effect Conference: In 2018 we will host a conference where we gather engaging and insightful speakers who have a talent for providing knowledge, which can be turned into practice with success to follow. The theme for our 2018 Speakers with Effect Conference will be announced in the spring of 2018.
  2. Webinars: We are planning webinars on a variety of topics. I will personally host a series of webinars on a variety of themes including my own research areas concerning the integration across departments, functions, and professions in organizations.
  3. The MM Think Tank: We are in the making of conceptualizing the MM Think Tank, which is intended to be both a think-tank for business members and a Think Tank to take on larger problems for the greater good of the planet and people on it. We have a line-up of distinguished and talented professionals who are ready to participate.

Word of Thanks

ManageMagazine could not have existed without the support of friends, fellow researchers, experts, partners, and readers around the globe. We owe it all to our collaborators, friends, and readers:


Our success is the positive impact our knowledge content has on you, your organization, and society at large.

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU to all our authors who have supported and enlightened us with their expertise. Thank you to our Advisory Board. Thank you to our readers and experts for all the kind and supportive letters and words. It is all enormously heartwarming.

It is moreover with great pleasure that I welcome aboard Henry Mintzberg’s CoachingOurselves whom we partnered with this summer. We find a mutual interest in facilitating outstanding leaders and managers for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and society.We are proud to work with you on these important issues.

Henry Mintzberg

We are also proud to offer our new ManageMagazine members a free peer-group coaching session with the Henry Mintzberg Group. This is a rare and an extraordinary offer I can only advise you to take advantage of (Click here to see more).

List of Contributing Authors at ManageMagazine

Authors who have supported our quest of connecting research/expertise and practice  are the following in alphabetical order (note that some are authors of several articles):

Anne Gerstrøm Rode, Professor at Aarhus University

Amanda Shantz, Professor at the University of Sussex

Armégio Rego, Professor of Católica Porto Business School

Bent Flyvbjerg, Professor and Chair at Said Business School, Oxford University

Christian Pedersen, CEO at Added Value Communication

Christian Voigtlin, Professor at Audencia Business School

Dale Tweedie, Lecturer at Macquarie University

Danielle Logue, Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney

Erlend Dehlin, Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Geoffroy de Lestrange, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand

John Luiz, Professor at the University of Sussex

Jordan Mitchell, Professor at the University of Houston Clear Lake

Henry Mintzberg, Cleghorn Professor at McGill University

Karyn Gordon, CEO DK Leadership

Katie Bailey, Professor at the University of Sussex

Kim Buch-Madsen, Author, Change Agent and Freelance Consultant

Mark Camilleri, Academic at the University of Malta

Mariano Heyden, Professor at Monash Business School

Mark LeBusque, Author and Chief Purposeful Provocateur at Mark LeBusque

Mathew Hayward, Professor at Monash University

Melissa Edwards, Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney

Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor at the Universidad Nova de Lisboa

Philip Decker, Professor at the University of Houston Clear Lake

PJ Stevens, Consultant at People & Business Improvement

Robert Fonteijn, Professor at Institut Supérieur de Gestion

Susanne Madsen, Founder and Director at Susanne Madsen Ltd.

Sasha Holley, Senior Policy Advisor – NSW

Stephanie Brooks, Chief Strategy Officer at Lemonaide Digital

Stewart Clegg, Professor and Chair at the University of Technology, Sydney

Theo Veldsman, Work Psychologist and Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg

Thomas Rosenberg, Associated Partner and Organizational Psychologist at HR7 Aps

Tim Cummins, CEO AICCM

Tyrone Pitsis, Pro-Dean at Leeds University Business School

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, CEO ManageMagazine and Honorary Research Associate at the University of Technology, Sydney



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