Today we celebrate publishing articles, videos, and doing online seminars for seven years.

To me, it was a dream come true, creating a global platform for knowledge sharing. A platform for getting research and expertise out of the databases in libraries and into the hands of practitioners  – you who can use it to make a real-life positive difference.

The team and I would like to thank all our fantastic authors who have delivered thoughtful and educational content for the ManageMagazine community.

And to you – reader, listener, or viewer of ManageMagazine – thank you for stopping by to be inspired by the knowledge and wisdom shared by creators. Thank you for your support and for all your positive comments over the years.


We are a magazine with no ads and we continue to keep ManageMagazine so the experience is not being on a Marygoround.

However, we would like to have a couple of educational offerings though, that will benefit you – our reader. This could be some great leadership and management courses, which have a proven track record of educating great leaders and managers. We will be working on spotting these offerings during the next year of ManageMagazine’s history.

For now, thank you authors – thank you readers – from the bottom of my heart.


Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard

Managing Direktør and Editor-in-Chief at ManageMagazine