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My name is Dr. Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard and as the Founder and CEO of ManageMagazine, I warmly welcome you to our site.

My vision with ManageMagazine is to facilitate exceptional leaders and managers to create healthy and inspirational organizations full of inspired and happy people. Our focus is on leadership and management as situated within organizations and in the context of a global community.

From Expert to Reader

ManageMagazine gives you something extremely rare: we offer you valuable knowledge, actionable advice, and education STRAIGHT from experts. Yes, that’s right – no intermediary writers.

Being a researcher myself, I see so much expert knowledge that can improve decision making and increase organizational successes, yet it rarely reaches you; the practitioner. This is expert research and knowledge in general that can save many people lots of time, energy, and money.

The proudest moment in my research career was a mail from a business owner in South America, who expressed his gratitude for finding great use of the results of a specific research project. I regret to say though that these letters are rare. Research is more likely to reach other researchers than practitioners in need of it.

I clearly remember how I, as a young scholar, who had just published my first research article, hopefully, asked my senior co-author: “will people write to us”? His words were well chosen to let me down easy.

At the time I had no full understanding of how difficult, expensive, and time-consuming it is for owners, leaders, and managers to find relevant research and expert knowledge. Nor did I fully grasp how little time researchers are allocated for the distribution of knowledge.

Today, the gap between research/expertise and practice is crystal clear. So, with ManageMagazine I work to connect this great pool of outstanding knowledge with you, the practitioners, who need it.




I am thankful for the full support of awarded professors and top business leaders worldwide, who support ManageMagazine as members of our Advisory Board while ensuring you quality in knowledge. Taking a broader view of organizations, there are many places to put it to use:

A Majority go to Work every day Feeling Unmotivated or Disengaged to their Organization

A majority of people (87 percent) are going to work each day feeling unmotivated and disconnected to their organization, and much of the reason points to a lack of good leadership and management practices (Gallup 2016).

From a social welfare point of view, this is disastrous in terms of lost potential revenue, stress and illnesses. Moreover, from an organizational and a personal point of view it is also extremely unfortunate as healthy organizations have happier people and therefore perform better. Consequently, healthy organizations are recognized as having a huge unleashed competitive advantage – good for both people and bottom lines. In the end, much of our lives are spent working.

We, at ManageMagazine, are dedicated to giving you the tools, knowledge, and inspiration that you need to make your career and organization an even greater success than it is today.

ManageMagazine is Excited to Present to you a Palette of Valuables

As a member of the ManageMagazine community, you’ll become part of our diverse network of organizational practitioners and scholars from around the world.

While we presently give you all knowledge benefits of ManageMagazine for free, we still hope that you will support us in connecting research, expertise, and practice.

Our monthly membership fee is in Denmark, where I live, the equivalent of a couple of cups of cafe coffee. Yet it makes a big difference in terms of us being able to continue to work for distributing expert knowledge. Rather than reducing access to knowledge for non-members, we prefer to give EXTRAS to members. Presently we offer you a free peer-coaching session with the Henry Mintzberg group.

Our mission is to give you the necessary knowledge for you and your organization to be successful, so please don’t hesitate to contact me about your wishes.

As a member of the ManageMagazine community, we give you new expert knowledge every week of the year.

Here’s how we’ve set ManageMagazine up for You:

Home Hub

The Home Hub (front page) is the ‘town square’ and offers you a convenient overview of all of the recent posts and articles published on the site. Hence, as a regular reader, all new knowledge can be found here.

Article BankWelcome to the ManageMagazine Community

Our articles are designed to meet your busy time schedule. They are mostly brief, to-the-point, without losing quality content, and fairly easy to read. That being said: we are not a light-weight mag offering you three bullet points with promises of lasting chance. The quality of knowledge in our articles is outstanding and a great source for those of you who are ready for gaining new knowledge.

Our articles provide you tips, tools, and guidelines for knowledge implementation, fresh Long Readinspiration and ‘food for thought’. Some articles will take longer to read. We call them LonG ReaD articles and they will be marked by the blue icon on the left. LonG ReaDs typically contain more complex content than other articles.

MM AcademyWelcome to the ManageMagazine Community

In the MM Academy, we are working to build an extraordinary video and text archive of educational knowledge for you. As a result, the MM Academy will hold material that you will want to share with your colleagues and present at brunches or go-home meetings for inspiration and educational purposes. We also look forward to inviting you to expert webinars and conferences.

Most recently we invited our ManageMagazine members to experience Henry Mintzberg live in Copenhagen for a talk about re-balancing society.


BlogTALK surprises with ‘new’ views and opinions. It blows the dust of traditionally held views and provides advice, tips, tools, and guidelines. We also want to point out unusual happenings to you. There are basically no rules for its content and as a result, authors need no documented expertise to share their views here.





  1. I really like the Manage Magazine because it does not over simply nor over complex the topics it discusses. One of the articles in the magazine really appeals which is ‘The top ten reasons to ignore Top ten lists’. The trend is to extreme reporting in the titles of articles or posts which are invariable an over simplification of a potentially interesting topic. I must prefer to make up my own view depending on my knowledge, experience and perspective again what is written. It is very fresh approach which is needed to provide something new or at least from different perspective(s).

    Looking forward to reading many more interesting articles and Blogspots.

    • Thank you so much Dr. Robert Joslin. I really appreciate your kind words. We are very excited to provide practitioners expert knowledge. Judged by the positive responses, which we have received so far tell us that it is much needed and appreciated.

      Writing about complex matters in ways that include, rather than exclude readers, demands great skills. I am grateful to all our experts authors, who have worked extensively with their knowledge to make it readily available to the readers of ManageMagazine. Thanks again Robert Joslin and we look forward to providing you many more interesting articles.