Henry Mintzberg’s CoachingOurselves and ManageMagazine have Initiated a Co-Creative Partnership

Phil LeNir and Henry Mintzberg founded CoachingOurselves in 2007 to bring Mintzberg’s approach to management education directly into the workplace.

Henry MintzbergThrough peer-coaching programs, CoachingOurselves helps organizations become better places for everyone, creating and strengthening the sense of community inside the organization and enabling them to support the communities in which they operate.

The Mintzberg approach is in brief one that emphasizes action-learning, where practicing managers learn from their own insights and experiences.

The CoachingOurselves – ManageMagazine Co-Creative Partnership Increases our Positive Impact Potential

At ManageMagazine we are delighted to have initiated a Co-Creative Partnership with Henry Mintzberg’s CoachingOurselves for several reasons.

The partnership paves the way for one of our main initial wishes: we want to unite people across sectors and professions for networking and discussions of mutual challenges in order to improve learning, leadership and management practices. It is thrilling to make this happen through the Henry Mintzberg Program.

In many ways, the aims of CoachingOurselves and ManageMagazine are similar – wanting to facilitate better leadership and management to improve organizations, communities, and societies at large.

While we have different approaches to realizing these aims, this is essentially also the foundation for the beauty of partnerships. We can approach the same challenges from different angles for broader and deeper impact. In other words, this partnership allows us to reach further and increase our impact as we can work simultaneously on, and from, several places and platforms.

As the founder of a global magazine, I increasingly believe that partnerships are the way forward when it comes to making real-life positive changes that reach far and scratch beyond any surfaces.

FREE Henry Mintzberg Peer-Coaching Session for ManageMagazine Members

As a result of the partnership between ManageMagazine and the CoachingOurselves’ Henry Mintzberg Program, we are thrilled to offer you a free 90-minutes peer-coaching session with your ManageMagazine membership.

This is a limited exclusive offer to our new members, running initially as an experiment for us to learn how best to help you.

If this has your interest you can join us HERE and we’ll send you an invitation to participate in a moderated peer-coaching session on one of three Mintzberg topics:

Crafting Strategy

Managing on the Planes of Information, People, and Action

Dealing with the Pressures of Management

You can join as a practicing manager, professional, academic, student or other. The main thing is that you want to learn and help others learn in a sharing network that allows you moreover to build lasting relationships.

Connect with ManageMagazine Peers from around the World through the Henry Mintzberg Program

The peer-learning session connects you with like-minded peers from across the ManageMagazine community.

We believe connecting peers across the ManageMagazine community will strengthen our sense of community and broaden opportunities for all who participate. With Henry Mintzberg’s CoachingOurselves, we offer an opportunity to gain AND create knowledge.

We truly believe that through this program you can build your professional network while developing the knowledge and skills to succeed in your current role and potential future roles.

Sign up now, to be one of twenty ManageMagazine members who will receive this offer. We look forward to engaging with you.

Thank you to the Entire Team at CoachingOurselves and The Henry Mintzberg Program

On a final note, the ManageMagazine team and I would like to thank Phil LeNir and the entire team at CoachingOurselves for making this partnership a reality. We look forward to collaborating with you on improving leadership and management practices for a better world.


  1. […] The ManageMagazine community was built by Dr. Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard to share actionable expert knowledge, advice, and education on how to manage and lead successful organizations. We are excited to announce that ManageMagazine has partnered with CoachingOurselves to offer their members a FREE 90-minute peer-coaching session! 20 ManageMagazine members will be chosen to participate in a CoachingOurselves session using a module authored by our co-founder, esteemed author, and McGill Professor, Henry Mintzberg.  This is your opportunity to experience this powerful solution to leadership development that creates modern, engaged, and people focused management and creates a culture of continuous learning and growth in organizations. […]


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