“When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you’ve begun to master your life” – Dr. John Demartini


According to researcher Dr. John Demartini, all people are geared to achieve a “light bulb moment”.

A light bulb moment refers to an ‘ohh-I-see’ kind of experience where everything is clear and you suddenly know exactly what you want with your life and career.

It is not about mindfulness, nor meditation.

There is no reason not to love what you do every single day

The ‘moment’ is based on processes, which you can initiate by learning to understand yourself better, says Dr. Demartini.

There is no reason not to love what you do every single day. Yet, if you don’t, then making the necessary changes – coming to love your actions – is within your immediate reach. It doesn’t have to be about major life changes – getting a new job or other major decisions. These are the thoughts of the American researcher, author, and motivational speaker Dr. John Demartini.

What’s tricky about light bulb experiences and inspiration is that they often need to be set up and staged to occur. But when you’re on the right track, more and more of them will arise, Demartini points out.

“I have never met anyone for whom it was not possible to get such a moment. It’s all about living for a set of values or priorities that consist of things that are at the utmost importance and things that are less important. When people live according to the values or priorities they rank highest or according to what they think is most important, then they have a much higher chance of activating a moment of inspiration and clear-sightedness “explains John Demartini.

The brain is always ready – but are you – Demartini asks?

It all happens in your brain. During the right circumstances, the crucial moments can arise. Demartini describes it as a ‘flash’ in the brain, which suddenly makes us able to see a hidden order in our own chaos.

Feelings of being inspired, Dr. Demartini informs us, are initiated in the right side of the brain, just below the right ear, in the temporal lobe. It happens as a series of flashes, preceded by brain waves in the visual cortex.

In other words, inspiration begins with a “preparation” in the visual cortex that creates a kind of blink in the brain that ultimately leads to inspiration. It is best described as a brief vision; a decisive vision.

What does it take to enforce a moment of clarity?

Inspiration is available at all times – in the minds of all people.

It’s just about providing the space for it to come forward. The question remains:  just how do you do that?

In order to achieve the domino effect of inspiration in the brain, you need to know yourself well, Demartini explains.

It is not about meditation, coaching, and other self-development initiatives. It is about identifying a number of values that drive one from within. When you live in complete harmony with your inner values, your brain ‘tunes in.

“Most people are partially delusional about themselves and their lives. By that, I mean that they try to live unwisely by trying to imitate others. They look up to and envy others whom they think are doing better than they are. That way, one comes to live a life as the second best version of another human being – instead of being the best version of oneself. When this is the case, then you will never be inspired, “emphasizes John Demartini.

“It’s insane going to work every day without feeling inspired,” Demartini adds.

Yet this is still the reality for many people. The primary reason is that they do not know their own values well enough. Consequently, they are unable to live according to these values hence the brain is left to operate under tough working conditions.

When you live out of touch with your values, you are more likely to get lost in habits, self-destruction and delaying things.

On the other hand, according to Demartini, when you live your values, you will experience better memory, greater focus and increased productivity.

You can identify your values in 30 minutes!

According to John Demartini, it is possible to identify your values in about 30 minutes and to arrange your life in harmony with these. Remember, Demartini warns, we’re not talking about just any kind of values.

You may not know it, but your life is a direct reflection of your hierarchy of praised values

“When you ask people what their values are, they’re likely to start talking about social idealism. What we are talking about here is rather, what’s the most important thing for you on a personal level. It may, for example, be health, intelligence, prosperity, or your family, ” John Demartini explains.

You may not know it, but your life is a direct reflection of your hierarchy of praised values.

“Numerous people are unaware of this. Notwithstanding, every decision they make is based on their set of values. Even when being ignorant of this fact. It’s about looking at what people actually do, instead of what they say, “Demartini says.

The sooner you become knowledgeable about your values, the sooner you can arrange for your own inspiration and light bulb moments.

“When doing what you’re good at, then you continuously have the potential of building and increasing momentum. You wisely choose to pursue things, which you regard as meaningful. If not, then your life can be filled with things, which you don’t truly appreciate and you’ve lost control of your own life, says Demartini.




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