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I currently hold the Cleghorn Professorship of Management Studies at McGill University; the Desautels Faculty of Management. I've been an academic most of my working life. I devote myself largely to writing and research, over the years especially about managerial work, strategy formation, and forms of organizing. In recent years, I have shifted toward more general writing, including commentaries. In all, I have published about 170 articles, and 17 books.

Henry Mintzberg: Effective Organizations like Healthy Families

Mintzberg: Effective-Organizations like Healthy Families
Effective Organizations like Healthy Families Tolstoy began his novel Anna Karenina with the immortal words : Happy families are all alike; each unhappy family is unhappy...

Mintzberg: Please Welcome CSR 2.0

Mintzberg: Please Welcome CSR 2.0
I address this especially to business executives, but as citizens of their societies and neighbors in their communities.Why do we focus on the conditions...

Henry Mintzberg: Transformation from the Top? How about Engagement on the...

Henry Mintzberg: Transformation from the top? How about engagement on the ground?
The company has a new chief, with 100 days to show the stock market some quick wins. Not the usual wins: transformation is the game. Hurry...

Henry Mintzberg about Species of Organizations

Henry Mintzberg about species of organizations
In this article, Henry Mintzberg sharpens our view on organizations - their differences and similarities. The way we discuss organizations remains primitive, says Mintzberg. Mintzberg...

Henry Mintzberg about some Half-Truths of Management

Henry Mintzberg
“There are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths” (Alfred North Whitehead). So here are a few in management. WE LIVE IN TIMES OF GREAT...