Free Webinar with Dr. Samia Chasi – International Education Practitioner, Researcher & Facilitator

In collaboration with School of Becoming and its founder Ingo Rauth, we’re proud to invite you to this free webinar about Inclusion with Dr. Samia Chasi as part of our webinar series about ACTIVATING INCLUSION.

Event Details: Inclusion with Dr. Samia Chasi

Inclusion is often addressed as a policy issue, but inclusive action starts with each one of us and in our everyday lives. Join us for an interactive session to critically reflect on inclusion and to exchange ideas on how it is linked to identity, privilege and power in ways that you might not have recognized before. This understanding will empower you to take a fresh look at how you can take inclusive action in your life and work.

September 17th at 9 AM SAN FRANCISCO / 12PM NEW YORK / 17:00 LONDON / 18:00 BERLIN 


About Dr. Samia Chasi

Dr. Samia Chasi introduces herself with the following words:

I am a practitioner, researcher and facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in international education. My passion for education and commitment to social justice and inclusion permeate my work, including the development and management of partnerships, programmes and projects.

I facilitate deeper understanding and connections between diverse people and institutions by creating spaces for critical engagement and constructive dialogue.

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are on many professionals mind these days and the importance have risen due to the recent change processes across the globe.

We applaud School of Becoming in addressing this timely issue, which we need to talk much more about – not the least join discussions of how we make inclusion and diversity happen out in the specific organizations where it can make for better worklives. Please take note that there is an entire free webinar-series about ACTIVATING INCLUSION.




Thank you Dr. Samia Chasi for sharing your expertise and making a positive difference

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar for a conversation about INCLUSION

Best wishes

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