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Long Read

Long Read
Mask of Money; Myth of Meaning

Mask of Money; Myth of Meaning

Growing up, my family endured constant financial hardship. It’s incredible how money problems compound setbacks, multiply stress, and divide relationships. One step forward, two...
The Future of Strategic Management

The Futures of Strategic Management

All ideas, all practices, have roots that flourish in a particular ecology, a particular intellectual and practical terroir. Strategy is no different.Strategy and strategic...
Power and Rationality

Understanding Power and Rationality

Power Has a Rationality that Rationality Does Not Know "A person who neglects what is actually done for what should be done learns the way to...
Leadership the missing link

Great Leadership: The Missing Link

Contradictions as an inherent feature of social organizational life Social life exists in and through communication. Social processes are shaped by tension and contradiction, a...