Webinar Series: Activating Inclusion

In collaboration with the fantastic webinar host School of Becoming and its founder Ingo Rauth, we’re proud to invite you to this free webinar about Emancipatory Leadership with Professor Nouman Ashraf.

This webinar is part of the webinar series ACTIVATING INCLUSION (please see the entire program below).

FREE webinar with Professor Nouman Ashraf about Emancipatory Leadership

Social consciousness around the importance of anti-racist movements and the disparate impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis has created a unique moment for leadership development.

This moment has also publicly exposed historic race, gender, and class-based discrimination that has been instrumental in creating vast economic, environmental, and social disparities that impact wellbeing. There is a growing consensus that rooting out deeply embedded social inequity demands a reset around capacity building and leadership development.

This session builds on the timely demands for racial justice and empowers emerging leaders to become change agents in the movement toward an anti-racist society.

The session recognizes that addressing and dismantling entrenched discrimination and its root causes and rebuilding systems that are socially equitable necessitates a deeply collaborative and iterative effort. Participants will learn how to interrogate and dismantle systems of inequity and oppression with their own communities and organizations and rebuild equitable, intersectional systems in their place.

Event Details

September 29th at 9 AM SAN FRANCISCO / 12PM NEW YORK / 17:00 LONDON / 18:00 BERLIN/COPENHAGEN 



About Professor Nouman Ashraf

Nouman Ashraf is Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream within the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management area at the Rotman School of Management. He possesses a broad range of professional, academic, and research interests, with a specialized focus on enabling innovative and inclusive practices within organization life.

For the last decade and a half, he has held progressively senior roles at the University of Toronto. He is a recognized thought leader in governance and has taught thousands of directors in the national Rotman program on Not for Profit Governance in partnership with the Institute for Corporate Directors since its inception in 2007.

An award-winning faculty member, Nouman teaches Emancipatory Leadership within the Executive MBA as well as the OMNIUM Global Executive MBA Program, Leading Social Innovation within the 2 and 3 Year MBA programs, and Leading across Differences within the Rotman Commerce Program.

He is the Academic Director of various custom leadership programs in partnership with Rotman Executive Program clients. His previous consulting clients include Telus, Cliffs Natural Resources, Bayer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, United Way Toronto, and numerous post-secondary and healthcare institutions.


Thank you to professor Nouman Ashraf and the School of Becoming for making this knowledge-sharing opportunity possible.

We look forward to seeing you at this webinar.

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Webinar Program: Activating Inclusion

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